Hello Love! I’m Hannah.

Southern Belle at heart and born and raised in the heart of Clemmons, North Carolina.  I am currently 29. I have traveled and lived in many different places. I lived in Hawaii for 4 years and I absolutely fell in love with the breathtaking mountains and beautiful beaches. The lagoons and mochi are what I miss the most! My daughter was born in Kailua. I named her Carolina to remind myself of home. If you are looking to elope take me with you and I can show you around! I miss it dearly! I started shooting when I was a little girl living with her grandparents on a “Farm”. Honey and Bunny my two favorite donkeys in the world were my absolute favorite subjects to shoot with my little 35mm disposable camera. Life went on and as I grew my love for photography did as well. I have always had an artistic artsy side to my life. I absolutely love weddings!! It truly delights me to work with such amazing couples and it absolutely brings so much joy to my heart that you are here reading all about me so that we can grow, learn about one another, share and discuss goals for the big day and start this Journey together! When I was sixteen, I took a job at a local photography studio and the rest was history, I have now been shooting for more than ten years and can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with a camera always close by my side.

I would like to express to my future/current clients that I do NOT discriminate against race, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, disability, sex, gender, expression, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

My love and passion is to document happiness, togetherness, family and love; I will not tolerate any harassment or malice.

Are you looking to elope or fly to a special destination on my list! Help me check off my list!

I also snuck in a few places I have already visited but ALWAYS enjoy going back to see the beautiful country! 

HAWAII– Love the island of Oahu and know it well! I can show you around and we can have the best of times enjoying Mochi and swimming the Lagoons!

IRELAND– The beautiful rock walls and the GIANT cows and beautiful green grass are always a must see!

MONTANA– **THIS IS THE TOP OF MY GOALS** Goals are important! Please someone take me to a ranch that we can enjoy together with amazing beautiful wild horses and the gorgeous valleys of land that goes for miles!

WYOMING– Take me to see the rolling hills! Maybe a ranch so that I can drink my diet coke and edit your lovely wedding on a front porch to a cabin with gorgeous views!

VEGAS– Who doesn’t want to shoot throughout the city with the beautiful bright lights and casinos for your sweet and quaint little getaway elopement! Maybe even include one of the many sweet chapels!!!

I absolutely LOVE hippie styles so anything BOHO let me be apart of it! PLEASE I need more hippies in my life <3