The Start of My Traveling Journey…

I lived in Hawaii for 4 years with my Ex-Husband. He was stationed out there and we started our little

family. My sweet Carolina was born into the world and she is my ambition for everything. I learned

about many different cultures and lifestyles. As Hawaii has so many different outlooks

on the different origins of where people come from, the military lifestyle and the world.

I visited Paris, London, and Ireland in the summer of 2016.

It started a traveling passion within my heart that I knew I wanted to pursue and see more of the world.

I was able to experience many different adventures into the different countries.


Hey Everyone!

            Thank you all, times a million for supporting me throughout the years I have finally decided to branch out and have my main focus solely on weddings! I am super excited to only be offering family sessions now Monday-Thursday and the occasional Friday. However, 2019 is right around the corner!! I will be only offering so many family sessions! Let’s book your big day today and reserve the date whether it be a family portrait session, or the day you say I DO! I am so excited about this new website! I can’t wait to be able to interact throughout the upcoming months with you all through blogging! I am looking forward to sharing my upcoming sessions and preserving memories for you and myself along the way! What a great way to imprint on life!

Thank you again for the support,

XO Hannah